Leverage Mastery Group Program

Once you have graduated from the Business Mastery Program you can move into Level 2 Leverage.

Leverage Mastery Consists of 12 Monthly Half Day Modules 

Modules Cover:

  • Test and Measure
  • Setting Up Key Dashboards
  • Destination Mastery
  • Introduction to Systems
  • The 46SixtyFormula
  • DiSC Profiling
  • Recruitment
  • Introduction to Sales
  • Team Performance Management
  • Understanding Customer Service
  • Marketing Your Business 
  • Time Management
  • Understanding Cash-Flow
  • Financial Literacy

In addition to monthly modules you'll have access to our online LMS Powered by Litmos where you'll find additional information and tools that support you and your team through every step of the program. You'll be able to access the LMS anywhere, anytime online.

Other inclusions:

  • Program Folders
  • Monthly Workbooks
  • Reference Materials
  • Getting Started Templates

Backed by the Unlimited Business Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Plus: you can relax knowing you are protected by our Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. Why would we offer a Money Back Guarantee? Simple, We're good at what we do and we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is. Unlike many Coaches and Consultants that have never owned a business of their own and perhaps base their teachings on a book they read yesterday, we've owned and operated a stack of businesses had all of experiences both good and bad plus we've written the books that other coaches are reading.