An Exercise In Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times:



Ask yourself ten easy questions:

  1. Am I attacking or retreating on the marketing front?
  2. Am I marketing with more than one marketing weapon?
  3. Is my marketing exposed to my target market consistently?
  4. Are some of my marketing funds directed at current customers?
  5. Am I making use of the telephone in my marketing?
  6. Do I take advantage of marketing with email?
  7. Is my website working to advance my marketing thrust?
  8. Do I have any strategic alliances with other companies?
  9. Do I automatically try to enlarge the size of each transaction?
  10. Does my marketing admit that times are tough
  11. Are all of your marketing messages emphasizing value?
  12. Have you taken concrete steps to enhance your credibility?
  13. Do you offer a long guarantee?
  14. Can you use your price, high or low, as a selling tool
  15. Are you aware of the meta-message conveyed by your marketing?

 The More you answered YES to these questions, the more primed you are to market in Tough Times.

Action Steps To Help You Use Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times: 

  1. Spend one hour examining the websites of your competition. Compare them with your own site and determine three ways you can improve your site.
  1. Study today's newspaper to see what kinds tactics other types of companies are using to combat a down economy.

Put into writing at least three of these tactics.

  1. Make a list of the marketing efforts you are using specifically to combat the economic slowdown. The longer your list, the better.
  2. List five things you are doing now to earn extra consumer confidence and credibility.
  3. List five additional things you can and will do to earn even more confidence and credibility.
  4. Put into writing exactly why your offerings provide exceptional value.

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