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Anything worth promoting is worth cross-promoting.

Don’t limit your marketing merely to the media you’re using. Market it all over the place. Anything worth promoting is worth cross-promoting. During the trying days of a rugged economy, this is a crucial strategy.

Guerrillas know that all the media work better if they’re supported by the other media. Put your web site onto your TV commercial. Mention your advertising in your direct mail. Refer to your direct mail in your telemarketing. Plant the seeds of your offering with some kinds of marketing and fertilize them with other kinds.

You’re not really promoting unless you’re cross-promoting. Your trade show booth will be far more valuable to you if you promote it in trade magazines and with fliers put under the doors of hotels near the trade show. Guerrillas try to market their marketing.

Your prospects, being humans, are eclectic people. They pay attention to a lot of media so you can’t depend on a mere one medium to motivate a purchase. You’re got to introduce a notion, remind people of it, say it again, then repeat it in different words somewhere else. That share of mind for which guerrilla strive? They get it when they combine several media. They say in their ads, “Call or write for our free brochure.”

They say in their Yellow Pages ad, “Get even more details at our website.” They enclose a copy of their magazine ad in their mailing. They blow up a copy to use as a sign. Their website features their print ads.

Guerrillas are quick to mention their use of one medium while using another because they realize that people equate broadscale marketing with quality and success. They know that people trust names they’ve heard of much more than strange and new names;, and guerrillas are realistic enough to know that people miss most marketing messages -- often intentionally. The remote control is not only a way to save their steps but also a method of eliminating marketing messages.

No matter how glorious their newspaper campaign may be, guerrillas realize that not all of their prospects read the paper so they’ve got to get to these people in another way. No matter how dazzling their website, it’s like a grain of sand in a desert if it is not pointed out to an unknowing and basically uncaring public.

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