Guerrilla Advertising Part 2

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Guerrilla Advertising Part 2...

“Advertising strategy” is merely a fancy phrase that means what you want and how you’ll get it.   If you don’t have one, you really have no business advertising in the first place. And it sure won’t cost you much to get one.

A brief guerrilla advertising strategy forces you to focus upon the people who whom your advertising is targeted. Always start with the people – then work backwards to the offering. Such a strategy zeros in on the results you want your advertising to achieve, the way you’ll obtain those results, and the specific action you want your target audience to take. It provides you with a guide for judging all of your advertising efforts for the next ten or twenty years, or even one hundred years if you go about it right.

The strategy guides you, or the people creating your advertising, without hampering anyone’s creativity. It must be expressed in writing, and it should not contain headlines, theme lines or copy. The strategy is totally devoid of specific advertising because it must be solid, yet flexible. Specific words and phrases pin you down. A guerrilla advertising strategy should be developed as your guide and not as your master.

Just like a Procter and Gamble strategy, yours should be deceptively simple when you first read it, but not when you write it. After reading it a couple of times, put it away for 24 hours. It’s just too important to be accepted – or rejected – with a hasty snap decision. Look at it with a new consciousness on a different day. See if you still love it and believe it in.

Always remember that your strategy is supposed to generate handsome returns on your advertising investment for the entire century. All future ads, commercials, signs, websites, brochures, and many business decisions will be measured against it.

When is the best time to change that advertising strategy?  The week that you first see it, before any advertising has been created according to its dictates, before any money has been spent bringing it to life.

Your approved strategy should be pinned up on the bulletin boards and emblazoned in the minds of everyone who creates advertising for you. Keep it handy in a drawer, on your desktop or in a file so that you can reach for it the moment anyone presents even a tiny shred of advertising to you…or when you have a killer idea yourself.

What if you love, absolutely love the advertising, but it does not fulfill the strategy?  Toss is away this very moment. Suppose you hate the advertising, but it does fulfill the strategy. Then give it a second thought. At least it’s 50 percent of the way home. Still, you do have every right to love the advertising and for the advertising to fulfill the strategy. The truth is that you have a sacred obligation, as a guerrilla advertiser, to settle for nothing less.


Ask yourself six simple questions:

  1. What specific goal do I want my advertising to accomplish?
  2. What major benefit do I offer to accomplish that purpose?
  3. What other important benefits do I offer to my prospects?
  4. Exactly who are those prospects?
  5. What action do I want my advertising to motivate?
  6. What is my company personality?


  1. Write an advertising strategy for a current advertiser, based upon the advertising that company has been writing.
  2. Write a six-sentence advertising strategy for your own company. Try to do it in 15 minutes, which forces you to focus. It won’t take you very long even though it will serve as your guide for years and years.

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