Online Marketing In A Shaky Economy

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The newest, biggest, most mysterious, most misunderstood and most promising marketing opportunity in history is the one offered by the advent of the internet. Every day, online marketing gets bigger, better, and more helpful both for marketers and for consumers. Still, three facts must be understood by all who would hope to become online guerrillas:

  1. Online marketing will only work if you understand marketing.
  2. Online marketing means a lot more than having a website
  3. Online marketing is only one percent of all marketing.

Remember that there are 200 plus guerrilla marketing weapons, and online marketing is only one of them. In most cases, you can’t market online only with any expectation of success. Yet, the entire media world is becoming fragmented. There are regional editions of magazines, zone editions of newspapers, cable TV stations that reach local communities, local radio stations, targeted mailing lists. Where does everything come together?

It all happens online. Slowly but certainly, people are learning that the whole story exists online -- that all the details they must learn before making a purchase are ready to be studied online. The entire Internet phenomenon is part of human evolution, and humans learning how to interact in cyberspace is also part of evolution. You don’t have to be reminded that evolution takes place over a long period of time. The Internet is here and everybody knows it, but not everybody is online yet, and not everybody online is ready to make purchases yet. They will. But not quite yet.

A key fact to remember is that you’ve got to continue marketing with traditional media. Your website marketing and your website needs marketing. Even when the Internet has achieved a market penetration comparable to that of the telephone, you must continue marketing using time-honored methods. TV revolutionized the marketing scene, but most of the big TV advertisers also market their offerings in places other than the tube. TV is part of their marketing mix, but not the entire potion.

When marketing with the traditional media, you’re going to have to devote time and space to heralding your website because many people will want to know where they can get more information. Your website is where. No media offers you the comprehensiveness of the web. That’s why you need it to flesh out your marketing. The world is learning to buy things in a new way and that way is online. But the learning process is still in process.

Pinning down the right way to do guerrilla marketing online is akin to grabbing a handful of smoke to see what it feels like. Online marketing is the essence of amorphousness and will be for a long time, constantly changing as new heroes of technology try to figure how it can best serve the public while bestowing profits upon the companies employing it. Exciting online technologies are being unveiled so frequently they’re becoming humdrum.

Of the billions of dollars being wasted by small business due to a misunderstanding of the comprehensiveness of online marketing and the reality of online consumers -- a huge portion is wasted on websites. They are created and posted with obliviousness to their place in the cosmos. Guerrillas wouldn’t dare waste money on their websites. They know the ground rules in cyberspace when it comes to earning consistent profits on the web. Those profits come when you equally emphasize eight elements.    

  1. The first element is planning. That means you must know ahead of time exactly what you wish to accomplish with your website.
  2. The second element is content. That’s what’s going to attract visitors to your site, then keep them coming back for more visits on a regular basis.
  3. The third element is design. There’s a “hang or click” moment when people first see your site. Should they hang around or click away? Design influences their decision.
  4. The fourth element is involvement. Guerrillas take advantage of the net’s interactivity by involving visitors rather than just requiring that they read.
  5. The fifth element is production. This refers to putting your first four elements online. Easy-to-use software now can do this job for you.
  6. The sixth element is follow-up. People visit your site, email you, ask or answer some questions. Guerrillas respond to their email, stay in touch.
  7. The seventh element is promotion. You must promote your site online by registering with search engines and linking with other sites, while promoting it offline in mass media, mailings, wherever your name appears.
  8. The eighth element is maintenance. Unlike other marketing, a website requires constant changing, updating, freshening, renewing.


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