The Guerrilla Advertising Strategy Part 1

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Guerrilla Advertising Part 1...

Advertising has changed dramatically since the first ad was run. That advertisement was probably run in a newspaper. Most likely, a farmer told the publisher that he had an extra cow and wanted to sell it. The publisher said, “Hey! I’ve got a good idea. Let me mention that cow for sale next time I publish my paper.” The ad was run. The cow was sold. And advertising started.

It’s not quite so simple these days. But two things remain the same. The first is that you need a good idea if you’re going to run an ad. Selling that cow was a pretty good idea. The copy probably read: “Cow for sale. $50. Contact Farmer Tom Adams.”

You also need an advertising strategy. Farmer Tom Adams’ strategy was very simple. It’s purpose was to sell one cow. The benefit it offered was a healthy cow at a fair price. The secondary benefit was that a local person was doing the selling. The target audience was other farmers in the community. The action required was to contact Farmer Tom Adams. And the personality of the advertiser was straightforward and no-nonsense.

Armed with that strategy, Farmer Tom sold his cow.

Today, more than two centuries after that first ad was run, you still need a good idea. And you still need a solid advertising strategy. As you can see, such a strategy has only six simple sentences. Regardless of the complexity of your offering, to give it an infusion of steroids so that it sells what you want it to sell, you must begin with a strategy.

I know you don’t sell cows. But let’s just suppose that you do sell adventure tours. And suppose the name of your company is Galactic Tours. Here’s how you’d craft your strategy:

  1. "The Purpose of Galactic Tours Advertising is to motivate people to call or write requesting a FREE VIDEO BROCHURE ."
  2. "The main benefit stressed will be the unique and exciting destinations that Galactic Tours Customers can visit" 
  3. "Emphasis will be placed upon the convenience and economy of Galactic Tours Holidays and well-trained guides." 
  4. "Our Target audience is adventurous males and females, both singles and couples, 21-34, who have the financial resources to afford a Galactic Tour" 
  5. "Action to be taken is to make a call or send a card  for our video brochure." 
  6. "The personality of Galactic Tours will reflect innovation, excitement and a warm, caring attitude toward all customers"

Is that all there is to it?

Yep. That's all. Procter and Gamble, one of Earth's most sophisticated and successful companies... so successful that 97 percent of homes in America have at least one Procter and Gamble product... uses the same type of simple strategy for all it's brands. And most of those brands are either the number one or number two seller in their category.


True, P&G may have umpteen pages of documentation and details as well, but they begin with a very simple and clear strategy, just like the one you just read.

Look out for The Guerrilla Advertising Strategy Part 2

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