Creating The WOW Factor


20 Unique Selling Propositions ( U.S.P.'S)

  • FedEx When It Absolutely Has To Be There the Next Day
  • Safeway The Fresh Food People!
  • Tanline Sexiest Tan Alive!
  • AVIS We’re Number Two. We Try Harder
  • Virgin Credit Card Up To 55 Interest Free Days On Purchases
  • Hocking Stuart The Hardest Working Real Estate Agents
  • Hungry Jacks The Burgers Are Better At Hungry Jacks
  • Virgin Blue Keeping the AirFare
  • Jetstar All Day, Every Day Low Fares
  • Amazon Earth’s Biggest Bookstore!
  • New Panadol Twice As Fast
  • Pizza Hut Get In 30 Minutes or It’s FREE
  • STA Travel We Know, Because We Go
  • Blockbuster Video Get It First Time or Get It FREE
  • Flight Centre Price Beat Guarantee
  • Dan Murphy’s Lowest Liquor Prices Guaranteed
  • Virgin Blue Velocity Program Rewards You Faster
  • AAPT Tell It Like It Is
  • Dominos Pizza The Pizza Delivery Experts
  • Mitsubishi Cars Better Built, Better Backed
  • St. George Bank More Satisfied Customers Then Any Other Major Bank



A “WOW Factor” is any initiative that totally and utterly exceeds a prospect or client’s expectation. We use WOW Factors on prospects to differentiate our business from our competitors and to help us convert them into clients. We also use WOW Factors on existing clients to keep them coming back and to have them generate world-of-mouth for our business.

WOW Factors demonstrate that you are prepared to go the extra mile, to do more than your competitors. This makes you and your business very attractive and a magnet for attracting more business.

The great thing about a WOW Factor is that you can do them on any budget! No matter what business you are in, no matter the size, there are always WOW Factors you can use. They can be as simple as sending a thank you email or offering free delivery, to something more extravagant like sending a client front row tickets to the finals at the Australian Open. In some cases it could be as simple as delivering a job on time!


There are many reasons and massive benefits of practicing the WOW Factor. Here are some for you to consider:

  • WOW-ing Differentiates You From Your Competitors; Consumers are tired of being ripped off.
  • Many businesses are greedy and seek to take more than they give. This presents an opportunity for you to single yourself out as different and unique. By WOW-ing your prospects and clients, you give the message that you care and are interested in them, not just their money!


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