What Are The Benefits Of Differentiation And Using A USP?

unique selling proposition  

Your Marketing Superstar...

It Can Attract More Clients.

As consumers, we are always on the hunt for better value, better service, more benefits, basically more of everything. A USP communicates the “extra” a client will give if they purchase from you rather than your competitors.

It Can Make Prospects Easier To Convert Into Sales.

A USP gives prospects an obvious reason to buy from you, an advantage to choose you over the other suppliers.

It Provides You With An “Angle” To Market Yourself.

Often a powerful USP creates a theme behind your entire marketing strategy. If your USP is about delivering the fastest service, then this major selling point should be rejected in your copy, Headlines, advertising, imagery and throughout your verbal sales presentations.

In Some Cases You Can Charge More.

If you differentiate on something other than price, then the prospects can justify spending more money than if they didn’t know this. It gives them a reason to do it.

It Creates A Powerful “Elevator Speech” When Networking.

You can mention your USP when talking with prospects at networking functions to make your business sound more attractive.

It Helps Retain Website Visitors Longer.

If your USP is clearly communicated on the homepage of your website, it helps visitors understand why they should stop and further explore your website.

It Helps Insulate Your Business From Your Competitors.

A USP should address a specific niche in the marketplace. Instead of being everything to everyone, you are choosing a smaller segment of the market as your own, away from segments with intense competition.

For example, a tanning salon could focus only on those prospects wanting healthy tans by only offering spray on tans.

It Facilitates Powerful Word-Of-Mouth.

People like to talk about things that are different and unique. By having a well communicated USP, you are making it easy for your existing clients to spread the word about your business in an accurate and consistent manner. It effectively gives your client a short and sweet “sales pitch” to share with people they know.

It Helps Retain Existing Clients.

Clients are more likely to stay with you when the benefits of staying with you are far greater than the benefits offered by alternative suppliers. A USP should reinforce to your existing clients why you are special, and what they stand to gain by being a lifetime client of yours.


We have developed a checklist for creating a successful USP. The more principles you abide by, the more effective your USP is likely to be.

Your USP should:

  • Differentiate You From Your Competition; It should communicate a specific point of difference, a specific reason why clients should come to you. It’s not a slogan
  • Fill An Actual Need In Your Target Market; Your point of difference must fill a need in the marketplace. For example, you may be able to differentiate yourself by offering 24-hour/day personal fitness training. Whilst this may be different, if nobody has a need to be trained at 3am then this simply won’t be an effective USP.
  • Be Able to Honor and Deliver upon It; Your USP can be a magnet for attracting new clients. However, if they come to you and you can’t deliver on your promise, then you’ll find yourself losing clients just as quickly as you attracted them.
  • Be Specific; The more specific your point of difference, the more credible and believable and effective it will be. Vague and general promises such as “The Best Service In The World”, “The Best Value For Money” are normally viewed with skepticism and doubt.
  • Be Tested and Refined; Like all of your marketing, you should test the effectiveness of your USP’s. You need to refine your promise and the articulation of that promise.
  • Be Communicated Everywhere; If nobody knows why they should buy your product/service, you’ll only attract a limited number of clients. You may have the most unique and appealing product/service in the world, but if nobody knows of, or understands its uniqueness, you won’t attract many clients. Do not hide your USP, tell the world about it.

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