Your competitors may not know you, but the more you know about them, the better.


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Your competitors may not know you, but the more you know about them, the better.

In Business information is power and you need all the power you can get. You need to learn as much as possible about your competitors. 

For starters:

  • Learn about them by buying from them and seeing how professional (or not) they are.
  • Figure out their marketing plan.
  • What marketing are they currently doing?
  • Call and ask challenging questions to see how they treat you.
  • Do they follow up after purchases?
  • Do they have referral plans? If so how many and what’s included.
  • Are they givers or takers?
  • Do they rank higher than you in search engines?
  • What key words are they using?
  • What is their social media presence like?
  • Are they active online?

The list goes on and on…. The more questions the better.

Remember that the more thorough your answers, the easier it will be to beat your competitors at their own games.

Remember Marketing is not advertising, it’s every piece of contact with anyone that isn’t part of your business. This means stacks of opportunities.

With 100’s of marketing weapons available how many are you using in your business right now? My recommendation is your marketing calendar should consist of at least 40 strategies, more if possible. I like 10 different strategies in the 5 parts of the Business Growth Formula.


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