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Are YOU Becoming Frustrated With The Reality That Your business Now OWNS You?  



  • Stuck working 60-80 hour weeks - spending your mornings, nights, and weekends consumed by work.   
  • Frustrated with your team? Unable to measure or track their performance…     
  • Earning revenue, but unable to systemise or forecast the future, because it’s too inconsistent. 
  • Unsure who to hire, when to hire, or where to hire, so you fill multiple roles yourself       


If so, you NEED to get on this FREE 30-minute Business Discovery Call... 

Are you a business owner working long hours but still hitting the same wall, over and over again?

We’re ALL guilty of being addicted to the path of least resistance. 

In this case, working more is the path of least resistance... 

Wait, what? 

When business owners get flustered and lose focus, it’s easier for them to get into ‘grind mode’ than step back and seek help to strategise their way out.

It’s been proven time and time again, and the result?

They take the shotgun approach and work in all the wrong directions - completely depleting their mental and physical capacity…

 Which negatively affects everything important in their lives - relationships, children, friends, holidays (what are those?)... 


The QUANTITY of input does not reflect the QUALITY of your output.

It’s time to get a strategy to work smarter, and take back control of your business, and your life. 

During this high level review, you'll receive:

* A review of your business’s existing position 

* Honest feedback about your clarity and direction

* Action points to that you can implement to move you forward  


Because of the amount of FREE value we give in these calls, we have to limit the number we make available to the public.    

Book now to secure your spot so you can start taking control of your business, and your life.   

Ask our clients, just one phone call can change your trajectory...

Bruce owned and operated in excess of 30 Businesses in a range of industries prior to pioneering the Coaching, Mentoring and Training Industry in the late ’90’s

Learning business at the “School of Hard Knocks” back in the ‘70’s working crazy hours and struggling to make money to now having owned and operated over 35 Successful Businesses across a range of Industries, he’s now the business advisor owners turn to when they want to eliminate what Bruce refers as the ‘five major frustrations’ that many business owners suffer from…

Lack of Profits

Working Too Many Hours

Staffing issues, recruiting, retaining and performance

Marketing, a lack of understanding and no defined plan

No Exit Strategy or understanding of the true value of their business

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