Take Your Business Association to the level your Members Expect

Having been a part of many Business Associations over the years and sat as President on a couple, I've learnt in most cases there is a massive disconnect in what members expect and what they actually receive.

Business owners need education and assistance to grow their businesses. Most are unlikely to have ever even attended a Business improvement program; yet they are in charge of a lethal weapon called a BUSINESS!

They invest less than $100 to register a business and now it's whether they make more good decisions rather than bad as to if they will survive. 

76% will faill in years 1-5

A futher 16% fail in years 6-10

And approximately 95% world wide don't make it to year 11

Of all of these 33% fail because of Cash Flow!

So what if Unlimited Business simply presented a Complimentary Workshop to your members on CASH FLOW what would be the benefits of that?

It's an interesting question to ask business owners, if their Cash-Flow stopped today, how long could they survive... days, weeks.... months.... years?

Their answers would blow you away.

Unlimited Business is committed to helping Small and Medium sized businesses improve!

We have a range of topics we will present as Complimentary sessions to your members.

Simply Contact the Team for topics and availabilty HERE