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Unlimited Business Terms and Conditions

Between You (Your Company or Business Entity) and Unlimited Business Pty Ltd

Our coaching programs are designed to work in the following sequence – a sequence that has been, tried, tested and refined over 20 years to get maximum long term results.

Mastery - "Creating a COMMERCIAL Enterprise" - The first stage of growing any business is about making sure it delivers its products or services profitably, productively and with enough information to make great decisions. It's about building a foundation before engaging in an effort to acquire new business. It's about the owner taking back "control" of the business and removing any chaos.

Niche- "Creating a Commercial, PROFITABLE Enterprise" - Niche is all about Marketing. At this step you define your uniqueness and guarantee, articulating the value of your product or service, getting and keeping customers and moving them towards higher loyalty levels making them "Raving Fans."

Leverage - "Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that WORKS" - Leverage is about implementing systems and controlling the effects of Supply and Demand, ensuring quality and increasing profitability. At this step, you Leverage finances, systems, people and our marketing.

Team- "Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, WITHOUT YOU" - During this step, you work on developing an amazing team. T.E.A.M. means "Together Everyone Achieves More." Everyone is in the right position, doing the right things at the right time.

Synergy - "Freedom" - At this step, everyone is in the right position, even a General Manager, doing the right things at the right time, in "massive amounts." You, as the business owner, are spending your time working solely on strategic issues and your income is largely passive coming from the business. You have the freedom to explore new business opportunities and begin to think about exiting the business or diversifying or duplicating the business.

Results - "Invest Your Time and Money" - Now you can turn over the operations to others and be free to become a full-time investor, investing in businesses, real estate or other opportunities. You may even decide to become a coach as many of our other clients have done.

Your Commitment to the Program Our role is primarily that of mentor and motivator. To ensure that you keep up with the work required, and to ensure that your program and its fundamental philosophies are instilled correctly into your business, you will be required to work at least five (5) hours per week on marketing and business development activities in addition to the meetings with your coach. This work is designed to achieve the desired results within your business in the shortest possible timeframe but may occur outside normal business hours.

Your Perspective During the Program Consistent with the Mentor Plan point of view, we strongly advise against crisis management within your business (i.e., reacting because you need immediate results or better cash flow). Instead, we recommend and ask for your commitment to engage in a proactive step-by-step process as you implement the required strategies and concepts.

General Conditions:

1. The Mentor Plan Program Materials you receive are confidential and proprietary, and cannot be used, disclosed or duplicated except within your own company. These materials are published works protected by copyright laws and no unauthorized copying, adaptation, distribution, storage or display is permitted.

2. Our services are of an advisory position. You bear sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in your business. You agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless your Unlimited Business Coach from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the subject matter in this document and in The Coaching Plan.

3. While we'll be providing you with guidance, direction and program materials, such a role is advisory and not of actually doing the activity itself. You will be primarily accountable for producing the results during the Program. In this way, we seek to educate, train and motivate you in order to make your ability to run a successful business a life -long activity.

4. Consultations can be re-scheduled, but often at the expense of desired times. If you need to reschedule meetings you agree to provide 24 hours’ notice or risk forfeiture of the consultation and any guarantee conditions.

5. Unlimited Business may from time to time, alter the content or structure of the program as it considers necessary, but at all times will continue to provide value for money.

6. If you are not delighted with the services you have received (at any stage) we expect you to let us know, so we can work with you to rectify your concerns.

7. You or your coach may elect to terminate the agreement at any time upon a full one billing months’ notice in writing.

8. From time-to-time your coach will need to take a vacation, attend a workshop or conference, or require some time off due to illness or personal commitments. An allowance is built into each program and fee structure to allow up to 6 calendar weeks per year for leave.

9. This agreement is the entire agreement between you and Unlimited Business, all prior agreements, promises or representations being merged herein.

10. This agreement shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.

Your Program Investment Payment is always on time and monthly in advance. Your initial payment will be by direct transfer or credit card. Subsequent payments are to be made by automatic bank deduction (EFT) or by credit card through our alliance partner Paysmart. There are no additional processing or credit card merchant fees.

Your Program Activities The number and combination of the activities that we implement during your program will depend on their size, complexity and your ability to undertake the workload involved. The appropriateness, order and priority will be identified during the Discovery Consultation but may change during the program. As your coach, we are experienced in, and able to assist you with the strategic design and implementation of activities as you take your business through the following steps;

Risk Free: From the very beginning as we commence our working relationship we make your program RISK FREE. At the completion of your Discovery Consultation if you feel we haven’t understood you or you are not confident that we can assist you in achieving your goals, you are free to walk away without any further obligation or any cost to you.

We simply refund your money & wish you the best of luck.

During the course of your coaching program should you feel we have not been of service, as per our commitments above or you feel what we provided is below your expectations we ask that you put your feedback to us in writing to either rectify any issue or refund your month’s fee. Please note that this does not mean if you fail to turn up, cancel appointments without proper notice or you don’t do your work as per your focus sheet that your fees are refundable.

Your success relies on your genuine commitment.

Our services are provided on a month by month basis with no lock in contracts, early termination fees, minimum commitments or timeframes – we get real results so we have never had the need for one.

Our expectation is that you will receive a benefit from being part of our program that far outweighs your monthly investment & that as long as that is the case we will continue to work together for a period well beyond 12 months. Many of our clients work with us for years & would not imagine running their businesses today without our support. Just like a sports team there is always the need for a coach if you want to win the game - ensuring continued improvement, accountability & success.

At any time should you wish to no longer be part of the program, for whatever reason, all we ask is for one full billing months’ notice in writing.

These Terms and Conditions are provided to all clients as part of their getting started process. In doing so all parties are 100% clear on the Rules Of The Game.

The Team look forward to working with you for years to come.






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