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unique selling proposition  

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition? 

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a device you see to communicate your point of difference. It is a short summary statement that powerfully and specifically answers the question: “Why should prospects buy from you?”

If you have ever applied for a job, you would know the importance of being able to stand out from other&nbs


community envolvement 

Guerrillas know well that people want to do business with friends instead of strangers if at all possible. You must have their insight that you dive into an ocean of friends with community involvement. You become involved with the community by helping it. It becomes involved with you by helping you. Marketers needs friends. From these friends come business associates, marketing partners, in


guerrilla marketing 

Your best source of new customers during tough times is your list of old customers. It's as though you live next to a bountiful gold mine, owned entirely by you -- but you never take a single nugget, and you consistently bemoan your lack of profits.

A sad scene, yet one that is repeated daily in every nation on planet Earth. This shouldn't happen to you -- but the chances are that it does, an


 guerrilla marketing

Some kinds of marketing are very expensive. Other kinds are relatively inexpensive. This article is about marketing that is free or nearly free. Of the many kinds of free marketing, such as publicity or word-of-mouth, we'll concentrate here upon two types of free or nearly-free marketing:

  1. Enlarging the size of each transaction -- free
  2. Going after repeat sales -- nearly free

The first, enla


seth godin and jay levinson 

Seth Godin, who has co-authored three books with Jay, authored “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers,” and in doing so, changed Jay's entire outlook about marketing and can dramatically change the beauty of your bottom line.

Seth Godin

Seth, once a student of Jay's, enlightened him to the presence of two kinds of marketing in the world today. The f




Absolutely everything you do that is called marketing influences your 'credibility'.

The influence will be positive or negative, depending upon your taste, intelligence, sensitivity, and awareness of this power.

Be aware of it the moment you start operating your business, and if not then, right now. Begin the quest with the name of your company, your logo, your theme line, location, s



Confidence! Everything Matters...

Time zips on by. Your prospects can’t afford to waste it or their money with companies that haven’t earned their confidence. In order to earn that confidence -- no stroll in the park, as you’ve most likely learned -- you’ve got to use specific guerrilla marketing weapons and use them properly. I emphasize “properly” beca



Guerrilla's Love Tough Times

In every down economy, some businesses lose money while others seemingly make money. The plain fact is that guerrilla marketers have an advantage during tough times. They are able to work in relatively shorter time frames. Their penchant for information enables them to market more quickly and creatively to market needs.

The guerrilla lives by different rules dur


raving fans

Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans 

Raving fans are customers who are so over the moon with us that they not only tell all their friends and colleagues about us, they actually bring them to us and help us to sell things to them.

It’s a frightening fact of business life that we spend six times more to attract new customers to our businesses than we do to up-sell, on-sell and generally o


Average Dollar Sale

Average Dollar Sale ....So what is it? 

Yet another area that I didn’t understand, was the importance of, was measuring the Average Dollar Sale in the business. This is easy to calculate, simply divide your turnover by the number of sales and you’ll have your overall average. I.e. $1000.00 sales and 100 customers then your average sale is $10.00, 

Yes, some customers will spe CONTINUE READING


marketing budget


So where do you spend your Marketing budget?

The 1st thing is to make sure you have a ‘marketing budget’ as there are plenty of businesses that don’t and they wonder why their business isn’t growing…

My recommendation is spend 10% on suspects, these are people that are potentially your ideal clients but you haven’t been c



So what is marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of GUERRILLA Marketing sums it up best... Jay says, “Marketing is every bit of contact your business has with anyone in the outside world. Every bit of contact.”

That means a lot of marketing opportunities. It does not mean investing a lot of money.

The meaning is clear: marketing includes the name of your business; the



marketing rule of nine

The Number 1 Trait of a Successful Marketer is PATIENCE!

Having been personally mentored by the world legend of marketing Jay Conrad Levinson. The Grandfather of Guerrilla Marketing and mentor to the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell my 1st lesson from Jay hit me hard.

Successful marketers have PATIENCE, unsuccessful marketers expect INSTANT RESULTS.

Let me introdu


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