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Absolutely everything you do that is called marketing influences your 'credibility'.

The influence will be positive or negative, depending upon your taste, intelligence, sensitivity, and awareness of this power.

Be aware of it the moment you start operating your business, and if not then, right now. Begin the quest with the name of your company, your logo, your theme line, location, stationery, business card, package, brochure, business forms, interior decor, website, fusion marketing partners, even the attire worn by you and your people.

Communicate even more credibility with the building you’re in, the people you employ, the technology you use, the follow-up in which you engage, the attention you pay to customers, the testimonials you display, your trade show booth, your signs, and surely the neatness of your premises.    

The way your phones are answered can gain or lose credibility for you. Just yesterday, I decided not to make an expensive purchase from a store I had called simply because they put me on telephone hold for too long. Minor detail? Maybe, but somebody else now has my cheque.

You gain credibility with your advertisements, listings in directories, columns and articles you write, and talks you give. You gain it with your newsletter. You gain even more by your support of a noble cause such as the environment. All these little things add up to something called your reputation.

The most important word in marketing -- commitment -- is something that also fuels your credibility. When people see that you are maintaining consistency in your marketing, especially during tough times, they’ll assume you’re just as committed to quality and service -- and can deliver on them regardless of the economy.

All of your weapons must communicate the same meta-message -- one that fits in with everything else in your marketing and with the reality of your offerings. You don’t need a Lincoln Continental identity to succeed with a bait shop.

Credibility is not automatic but it is do-able. Give a seminar. Work hard for a community organization. Nudge customers into referring your business. Word-of-mouth is omnipotent in the credibility quest. The idea is for you to establish your expertise, your authority, your integrity, your conscientiousness, your professionalism, and therefore -- your credibility.

When that PR person gets you into the newspaper, make reprints of the article and frame them, include them on your website, into your brochure, pop them into your newsletter, put them on your counter, stick them in your store window. Cost? A bit of time. Result? A lot of credibility.

Trade shows can enhance your credibility and so can free demonstrations. Free consultations can do wonders for it and so can free samples. Do glitz and glamour enhance your credibility? They do --- but be careful that you don’t send out the wrong message. If you’re a discounter, glitz can sabotage your identity.

Wanna shortcut to credibility? Run a full-page ad in a regional edition of a national magazine. Just running the ad won’t net much credibility for you, but the reprints you display, mail, incorporate into other marketing, and proudly disseminate will. They’ll all proclaim “As advertised in Time magazine.” And if they don’t say, Time, they’ll say some other prestigious publication.

All the credibility that millions of readers attach to the magazine -- they suddenly attach to you. I’m not talking zillions of dollars here. I’m talking of a few thousand -- and just one time. It’s a small price to pay for credibility. Do your research and find a magazine that is a good fit for you.

During a shaky economy, people are attracted to solid businesses. You can prove your stability by consistently stating your message and by remembering that credibility equates with profitability.

About the Author

Bruce Doyle

Pioneer of te Business Coaching Industry in the late 90's, Global Business Coach of the Year Hawaii 2003, Author of 4 Business Books, Entrepreneur and Founder of UnlimitedBusiness.com

Bruce has worked with 1000's of Business Owners over the past 20 years plus he's owned and operated over 30 Businesses across a range of industries. His focus is teaching business owners how to dramatically GROW PROFITS and GET MORE FREEDOM IN THEIR LIVES. 

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