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What Is A Unique Selling Proposition? 

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a device you see to communicate your point of difference. It is a short summary statement that powerfully and specifically answers the question: “Why should prospects buy from you?”

If you have ever applied for a job, you would know the importance of being able to stand out from other candidates in a positive way; that is, be able to differentiate yourself. You would also understand how important it is to be able to answer the question “Why should I hire you?” The candidate with the best answer to this question (and the credentials to support the answer) is usually the successful candidate for this job.

The same thing applies to business and attracting clients. What most marketers and business owners haven’t correctly realized is that they need to be able to answer the same question employers ask of job applicants, and prospects ask the same of businesses.

Clients are continually asking: “Why should I buy from you?” The business with the most compelling answer to this question, the business that is shouting its answer from the rafters, stands the best chance of being the successful candidate for the “job” (i.e. winning new client)


Here are some recent examples of real life USP’s:

  • Virgin Credit Card Up to 55 Interest Free Days On Purchase
  • Hungry Jacks The Burgers Are Better At Hungry Jacks
  • Wikipedia.com The Free Encyclopedia
  • Skype.com The Whole World Can Talk For Free
  • Rota Cota Paint Brushes Guaranteed No Bristle Loss
  • Tanline Sexiest Tan Alive!
  • Jet Star All Day, Every Day Low Fares
  • Amazon.com Earths Biggest Bookstore
  • Fedex When It Absolutely Has To Be There Overnight
  • Dominos Pizza Hot Juicy Pizza Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes, Or It’s Your’s Free
  • AVIS We’re Number Two. But We Try Harder.

These USP examples both differentiate the business they describe, and provide prospects with a reason to purchase from them rather than their competition. These are not slogans. Slogans are warm, fuzzy words that rarely (if ever) differentiate a business. What’s more, for slogans to have any impact they usually require substantial budgets behind them to reinforce the message over and over again.

For example, department chain Myers has the slogan: “Myer is my store”.

In short, we do not recommend you use a slogan except when leading with a USP. The USP will become your Marketing Superstar.

About the Author

Bruce Doyle

Pioneer of the Business Coaching Industry in the late 90's, Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer (personally mentor by Jay Conrad Levinson)

Global Business Coach of the Year Hawaii 2003, Author of 4 Business Books, Entrepreneur and Founder of UnlimitedBusiness.com

Bruce has worked with 1000's of Business Owners over the past 20 years plus he's owned and operated over 30 Businesses across a range of industries. His focus is teaching business owners how to dramatically GROW PROFITS and GET MORE FREEDOM IN THEIR LIVES. 



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