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So what is the Number 1 role of a Business Owner?

 If you asked us that question 20 years ago our answer would have been EVERYTHING! Look after the Business, the Customer, the Team...

Run around and do everything in your Business, putting out fires, fixing problems, sorting customers.... Burning Yourself Out and creating a Business that doesn't work WITHOUT YOU.

Your role is to GROW LEADERS The key thought is, “I can only grow my business by growing my people.”  This is an important principle that not everyone finds easy to master. Even more so if you are the control freak within the business.

Key Point: 70% of all change initiatives in businesses fail, due to insufficient focus on people.

Your major role as the owner in the business is to build and support a championship team. The team’s role is to look after our customers, the customers would then support the business by returning and referring new customers therefore generating more and more profit for the owner. 

This is about Recruiting the best people for the role, training, incentive management, new team induction, culture, vision, planning, communicating and empowering your team to be the best in the business. When you get this right you’ll see your team emerging as heroes in your business, that love what they do; you’ll be amazed at what your team is capable of.

This encourages you to start letting go and seeing others shine. So if growing leaders is critical then understanding more about leadership is essential.

There are two obvious types of leaders; No Nonsense  or Easygoing. 

Key Point: 95% of professionals regard their relationship with their manager (employer) as being the key factor when deciding whether to leave or stay in their job. What would your team be saying about you when you're not around?

Many owners leadership style is very much high on task, low on relationship, meaning you could tell the team what had to be done, by when and in some cases how. Whereas if you are high on relationship, you would have spent more time, explaining, encouraging, nurturing, listening and facilitating the team on how to handle the tasks.

So if Strong Leadership is the first step in building a great team, a great question to ask is "am I the right person to be leading a team?"

Just because you are the owner, did you have to be the leader?

Over the years we’ve seen many businesses where the owner is not the ideal person to lead their business but due to EGO or lack of knowledge they continue to keep trying, when the best thing they could do for the business is get out of the way so the team can excel.

How many businesses aren’t growing due to the limitations of the leader? Remember the old saying "the fish stinks from the head down!" Unfortunately if your leadership stinks.... your whole business will also stink!

Key Point: 60% of how employees perceive their workplace climate can be traced to the actions of one person, the leader.

One of the major frustrations of Businesses Worldwide is TEAM. It will have the biggest impact on a Business. Get it right and your Business will thrive and grow. Get it wrong and you'll have 3 major issues to deal with:




You may have all three issues or perhaps just one or two. Our advice is do WHATEVER IT TAKES to address it. You and your business will be eternally grateful.

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