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Time is all we have and time is running out. 

Another MAJOR FRUSTRATION the majority of Business Owners face is TIME!

Either working Too Many Hours or Working the Wrong Hours

We know first hand about this, our CEO prior to pioneering the Business Advisory and Coaching Industry in the late '90's was working up to 120 hours a week in his hospitality businesses. Yes, MADNESS


A stack of reasons...

  • A Control Freak ( no-one can do it as well as me)
  • Didn't know any other way
  • First in and last out, doing everything in the Business
  • Useless un trained team
  • No idea on recruitment
  • Was paying 38 staff to watch him do the work

He like many Business Owners was the ‘Technician’ in the business.

There are three key areas where you can spend time in a business.

  • Technician …doing the stuff
  • Manager …doing the management stuff
  • Entrepreneur/Strategist …the business owner doing the strategic stuff.

Almost all his time was as the Technician, maybe a brief moment or two in the Manager zone and zero in the Strategic zone. The tasks he was focusing on could  and should  have been done by his staff at a relatively low hourly rate.

TIP: Every time YOU do these these tasks you can't be valued any higher than your staff because you're doing the same things as them. You may need to develop ‘some pain’ around this so that you concentrate on the tasks that have a higher dollar value.

For many Business Owners they need to snap out of their state of DENIAL and start focussing on the important stuff, the areas of the business that generat real returns.

Most Business Owners spend up to 95% Technician Time and maybe 5% Management Time and Zero Entrepreneur/Strategist  time working on the business doing the critical things.

Business owners should be spending the majority of their time working on their Business ( ideally 95%). Yes, most Business owners have this completely the wrong way around!

Can you fix this instantly? In some cases, maybe. Our recommendation is to do it gradually. If you could get it to 50% working ‘in’ the business and 50% working ‘on’ the business say, within the next six to twelve months, then we can almost guarantee you two things will occur;

  You’ll have a better work/life balance.

• Your Business will be running better and more profitably.

 When you get it to 95% ‘on’ and little to no time ‘in’, then you have a business that works without you! I bet you just asked yourself, “Is that really possible, to have a business that works predictably and profitably without me?”

Not only is it possible, it is exactly what Unlimited Business have been teaching Business owners for close on 20 years!

It's a four step process that applies to every business regardless of industry type or size. The question is are you ready to learn and apply the four steps?

If you are serious about finding out more the you can schedule a Complementary 30 minute "Need More Time Strategy Call" with an Unlimited Business Specialist.

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Not possible?

We have been teaching Business owners our 4 step process for achieving this for almost 20 years.

If you'd like to find out how then simply schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute 'Need More Time Strategy Call' with an Unlimited Business Specialist.

Please complete this Pre Call Questionairre, the team will then be in touch to schedule a day and time for your call. HERE IS YOUR QUESTIONAIRRE 



Time is no longer money…. It is now more important than that The old saying time is money. My view is "Time Is All We've Got and Time Is Running Out". It is more valuable than money as you can't ever get it back! So what is my point? Ask yourself then how CONVENIENT are you to deal with as a Business and where could you make immediate changes to be MORE CONVENIENT? You need to do this by being easy to do business with and running your company for the convenience of your CUSTOMERS not yourself.

  • How about your trading hours? Are you open the right days and times for your customers or are they the hours that suit you? Could you open later and close later or vice a versa.... what is it that would attract more of your ideal customers?
  • Do you take all forms of payment or do you have restrictions such as we don't take credit cards, maybe we only take cash. Every time you put a barrier up to doing business with you there are people finding more convenient options. Saving 1 or 2 % on merchant fees or AMEX Charges might sound like a good strategy but what is it really costing you. Personally, I wont patronise a business if they don't take my preferred method of payment and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • Can I buy from you at 2am in the morning via your website? If not, why not..... the world has changed and as business owners we need to be one step ahead not three behind. For you that may mean embracing technology, upgrading you websites.
  • Hey, it's time to do an audit on your business and find out where you could be easier and more convenient to do business with. This is another area that can have significant gains for very little investment.

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